1999 Egypt

From March 1 - 8, 1999 we travelled to Dahab, a former Bedouins village. It is located at the Gulf of Aquaba at the  Sinai peninsula in Egypt. Our hotel ”Lagona Village” was prepared for divers and had an integrated center for Scuba Diving. The entire resort was well organized and confirmed almost everything the  brochure promised. The center of Dahab was developed into a small tourist attraction. But it did not lose its flair from the 1970’s as a former hippie and flower power paradise. To this day there are still  small restaurants where you can comfortably relax and forget the world around yourself by drinking Tahina, a tasty black tea. A real experience is the oriental shaving procedure. Smoother and closer than this is not  possible. First all of the facial hair was removed with the classical rasor blade twice. Then the barber used a twine which was wrapped around his thumbs and index fingers between both hands and one of its ends  between his teeth. Using this technique he pulls the smallest hairs from the entire face including from cheeks, forehead, ears, and nose. The result is absolutely fantastic. You don’t have to shave for another  2-3 days. About this our scuba diving experience was absolutely great. Due to the incredible depth of the Gulf of Aquaba the water was pretty cold around 18 degrees Celsius. The flora and fauna in those waters was  so magnificent that the cold water did not bother us too much. The most amazing thing was a fully-grown Manta Ray swam over our heads. The width was about 5 meters. It looked very majestic before he disappeared into  the deep blue waters of the Gulf of Aquaba. The soft and hard coral reefs were also worth mentioning.

Hotelresort “Lagona Village”, Dahab

View from the Hotel, Jordan is not far

Transfer to the next dive

Let’s go diving!!!

Giant Sea Fan

Giant Sea Fan

Harmless encounter: Jellyfish

Frequent companion: Napoleon Fish


Manta Ray

Manta Ray

Shoal of Blackfin Barracudas

Garden Eels

Even camels are sometimes thirsty

Gentle swinging on a camel

At the barber

Sharm El Sheikh, Intl. Airport

Bye Bye, Egypt

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