1998 Egypt

From October 4 - 10, 1998 we spent our holiday on board the MS ”Number One”. The liveaboard cruise began  in Marsa Alam. The ship was equiped with lots of luxury. But however it seemed to be quite a bit old. The paint came off and sometimes, we had brown water when we took a shower. To top it of, one day the power went  out as well and we were in the dark. Even though, the trip was a success, thanks to the greatly motivated crew and the strict organization on board. For our scuba diving, we used 15-liter steel-tanks, which gave us  the opportunity to explore deeper dive spots what cannot be taken for granted on other liveaboard cruises. This allowed us to dive through an arch (60m) at the Elphinstone-Reef and into a cave (52m) at Shaab  Sharm. Not only the deep areas were interesting but also the shallow ones.

The second week we spent on board the MS ”Lady Somaya”.  The ship was very basic but in good condition. Even  though the trip was successful thanks to the greatly motivated crew ,the strict organization on board and the calm sea we had. For our Scuba Diving we used 15-liter steel-tanks that allowed us to explore to deeper  dive spots for longer time and to discover wrecks like “Chrisoula K.”, “Giannis D.” and the legendary “SS Thistlegorm” also from inside. The liveaboard cruise started in Hurghada  and went towards the North. This week was one of the most interesting dive-trips we ever had.

MS “Number One”

Dolfins swimming ahead our ship

Emperor Angelfish

Masked Butterflyfish

Soft coral

Red sea bannerfish

Longnose hawkfish on a Fire Coral

Peppered Moray Eel

Moon Grouper

Discovering a cave at Shaab Sharm Reef

Top of the archway
Elphinstone Reef

Divers below the archway
Elphinstone Reef

View to the roof of the archway at Elphinstone Reef

Amazing corals
Elphinstone Reef

Let’s go diving!

Pearl Sea Star

Bow of the Wreck
“MS Giannis D.”

“MS Giannis D.”

Carpet flathead

Bearded Scorpionfish

Engine room
“MS Giannis D”

Cargo space with cave sweepers
“MS Giannis D”

Left side wall
“SS Thistlegorm”

nearby “SS Thistlegorm”

Tank on board
“SS Thistlegorm”

Impact of an explosion destroyed the portside
“SS Thistlegorm”

Wing of the ship’s propeller
“SS Thistlegorm”

One of the both board-cannons
“SS Thistlegorm”

“SS Thistlegorm”

One of the lavatories
“SS Thistlegorm”

Boxes with ammunition in the tonnage
“SS Thistlegorm”

Spare wings for the british planes
“SS Thistlegorm”

Motorbikes inside the ship
“SS Thistlegorm”

Deeper inside we discovered some more bikes, “SS Thistlegorm”

“SS Thistlegorm”

One of many trucks
“SS Thistlegorm”

Circular batfish can be quite curious

A lot of safari boats above
the wreck of “SS Thistlegorm”

Michels Host Goby

Giant Moray Eel

Forsters Hawkfish

Manta Ray

Green Turtle

End of a dive

Get ready for a night dive

Tiger Flatworm

Indian Tubeworm

Clam Digger

Traditional vehicle

“Egyptian school bus”

Sunset at Red sea

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