A selection of our film productions you’ll find below.

From May 28 - June 22, 2004 we visited Indonesia. After a 13 hours flight from Frankfurt via Singapore and Jakarta we  reached Denpasar on the island Bali. After further 2 hours transfer we finally arrived in Tulamben. Our hotel, the “Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben”  was equipped with love to the detail. The rooms were airconditioned and high class furnitured in the Indonesian style. The integrated dive center was reachable within 1 minute from our room. In addition to  uncountable temples, rice terraces and beaches, Bali offered some highlights under water, we had to discover. Left hand side in front of the hotel just 100 m away we discovered plenty of corals and huge fish schools  at the wreck of the “USS Liberty”. And in the neighbourhood some very rare creatures of marine life like Leaf Fish, Ghostpipe Fish, the very shy Blue Ribbon Eel and last but not least the extremely hard  to discover 8 mm small Pygmae Seahorse. The water temperature varied between 24° and 27°C and the air temperature between 25°C and 30°. The climate in June was quite comfortable and we had some rain in the  mountain region almost in the night. The remastered footage was used for the award-winning film “The secret of Tulamben”.

From May 8th. - 25th. we’ve visited the Philippines. After a 15 hrs. flight via Bangkok we arrived at Manila  intl. airport. We were picked up and 5 hrs. later we arrived at our hotel “Garden of Eden” in Sabang at Mindoro island. Our rooms have been clean and equiped with some comfortable things like air  condition, fan, fridge and amenities. The distance between our appartment and the dive station was just a 2 minutes walk. The briefing was very detailed and after 2 days we’ve checked out the right dive guides  who were specialized to support video and photo enthusiasics like us. The underwater world showed a wide range of marine life we never saw before. Frogfish in different colours, Blue Ribbon Eels, Cuttlefish,  Seahorses, Ghostpipefish, Razorfish and much more. Most we discovered at nearly every dive especially at house reef. A true Eldorado for scuba video and photo enthusiastics who are able to take a look at the smaller  things in the world. But like every other tourist place in the world even this one is environmental impacted by the increasing business of hotels, restaurants and dive operators. Due to very cheap offers plenty of  divers come to Sabang to spend their holiday. Meanwhile there must be around 50 hotels and dive operators offering their services. That’s the reason why the environment especially underwater is taking damage  because no purification plant is available. Due to lot of bacteriums it is higly recommended to protect your ears with special ear drops to prevent infections. But nevertheless you won’t be disappointed while  Scuba Diving and you should not miss to join one or more dives while staying at Sabang. The temperature under water is 29°C and 30 - 34°C above the surface. Sometimes you’ll have some rain but -don’t  worry- you’ll get wet while diving either! Especially friends of marine life in macro size will get amazed due to the variety of animals but you shouldn’t expect to meet bigger ones like sharks, Manta  Rays, etc.! The remastered footage was used for the award-winning films “Small Miracles” and “Well Disguised”.

From December 11th 2001 until January 5th 2002 we spent our holiday in Thailand again. But this time we decided to choose live aboard trips, a 3 day trip on board the MS Mermaid to Hin-Daeng/Hin-Muang and a one week trip on board the MS Marco Polo to Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock at the Andaman Sea. Within 11 hours we flew from Frankfurt to Bangkok. The climate in December was absolutely great - not too hot and no high humidity. The temperature ranged from 27°C (80°F) in the night up to 32°C (90°F) at noon. After a short stopover in Bangkok we flew within 1.5 hrs to Phuket, where we started our first live aboard safari. The 3day trip brought us to the top level dive sites Hin Daeng and Hin Muang, 2 outer reefs 5 hrs. south of Phuket. There we had the impressive opportunity to meet Manta Rays at 3 following dives. These gentle giants came very close to our group, sometimes up to 3 m distance. So I had a lot of chances to make some very spectacular recordings with my video camera. On the way back we had some dives around the Phi-Phi Islands but not comparable to the first ones. Before we started our second dive safari we discovered the countryside of Phuket. We were amazed about the natural landscape away from touristic paths. Our next trip brought us to the famous dive spots of the Andaman Sea. This one week live aboard surpassed our first trip. A much better underwater scenery with untouched hard and soft corals and a fantastic variety of marine life motivated us to join 3 to 4 dives a day. But the absolute highlight on that trip we had at Richelieu Rock. 2 times we met a Whale Shark moving around this coral rock. With about 6 m (18 feet) length he wasn’t fully grown. Adult animals can be grow up to 14 m (42 feet)! On the way back we met further attractions like Leopard Sharks, Turtles and an Octopus. The water temperature was around 29°C (84°F) and offered a good basis for long dives. The remastered footage was used for the award-winning films “Rare Encounter”.

From October, 25 until November 18, 2000 we spent our holiday at Fiji islands. Our accomodation Dive Kadavu Resort at Fiji island Kadavu was specialized for Scuba Diving. The day includes 2 dives in the morning and relaxation in the afternoon.  The dive sites in front of Kadavu are related to the top spots in the world. Especially the smaller highlights can be discovered here like Blue Ribbon Eel and Ghostpipe fish as well. The water temperature reaches  from 26 - 28°C and the air temperature from 27°C at night to 34°C in the day time. The remastered footage was used for the award-winning film “Bula Fiji”.
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From August 15th until 22nd 2000 we spent some time in Dahab again. It is located at the Gulf of Aquaba on the Sinai  Peninsula in Egypt. The hotel ”Lagona Village” also includes a dive center called “Lagona Divers”. The entire resort  was well organized and clean and made our stay quite comfortable. The dive sites in front of the hotel as well along the coast were in best condition. Plenty of coral gardens, canyons and the famous “Blue  Hole” guaranteed an exciting and enjoyable holiday. The temperature during day time reached over 40°C and about 27° Celsius under water. The footage was just shortened and accompanied with music.

From February 18 until March 3, 2000 we spent our holiday in Thailand. The divespots in front of the Phee Phee  Islands were 2 - 2 1/2 hours away by boat from Ao Nang in the province Krabi. The visibility reached from 5 to 30 m. The attractions: Leopardsharks, different kind of Moray Eels, Seasnakes, many different types  of Snails and much more. The footage was just shortened and accompanied with music.

From October 10th until 16th 1998 we spent a week on board the MS ”Lady Somaya”. The ship was loaded very simple but in good condition. Even though, the trip was successful thanks to the greatly motivated crew ,the strict organization on board and the flat sea we had. For our Scuba Diving, we used 15-liter steel-tanks, which allowed us to explore to deeper dive spots for longer time and to discover wrecks like “Chrisoula K.”, “Giannis D.” and the legendary “SS Thistlegorm” also from inside. The liveaboard cruise started in Hurghada and went towards the north. This week was one of the most interesting dive-trips we ever had. The footage was just shortened and accompanied with music.

In December 2001 we had a stay at Homosassa Springs/Florida and were snorkeling with Manatees. This clip is just a  short collection of underwater footage with a Manatee in Homosassa Springs / Florida. (Footage only available)

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