Current video and photo equipment:

Sony HDR-HC 1 E
Sealux UW housing HD1 with external WA converter and Sealux lighting system with 2 flexible arms and 2 lamp heads Sunbright LED 18L + separate power pack

Gopro Hero 3 Black Edition

Non-linear digital editing system (Windows 10 Professional):

  • Intel Core i7 960 boxed 4x3,2 GHz Pentium4,  24 GB RAM, 1280 MB graphic Geforce GTX 570
  • 1 x Samsung QVO 860 SSD 1 TB + 2 x 4 TB HDD S/ATA2 7200 RPM
  • LG Blu-Ray/DVD writer “BH10LS30”
  • Audio interface MAYA44
  • Software bundle Adobe CS6 Production Premium
  • Professional hard- and software for audio dubbing and media design
  • Low noise housing NZXT H2 with integrated fans

Large-diaphragm microphone AKG C3000B and valve pre-amplifier ART Studio V3 for voice recording of narration

All pictures and videos from 2010 were recorded with Sony HDR-HC 1 E, Sealux UW housing HD1 with external WA  converter, Sealux lighting system Sunbright LED 18L and Canon DSLR EOS 1 DS Mark III

All pictures and videos between 2000 and 2008 were recorded with Sony TRV 900e and Sealux UW housing RV 900 profi +  Sealux lighting system Videobright 50

All pictures and videos before 2000 were recorded with JVC GR-DV 1, UW housing GunLux and Marinsolar Spacelight-Set 280.

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