On May 21, 2006 the Underwater Film Festival “Il Mare a Milano” took place in Milan/Italy. 12 of 51 movies were awarded. Our film  “Rare Encounter” (Seltene Begegnung) won a 2nd price and was awarded with a 1 week dive safari to the Farasan Banks in Saudi Arabia including flight.

Milano 2006 005
Milano 2006 004

Award ceremony of “Il Mare a Milano”

Angelo Mojetta, Alessandra Mazzucchi, Mario Cembolista, Laura Brunelli

Milano 2006 010
Milano 2006 008

Mario and Chaluay Cembolista

San Bernadino Pass/Switzerland

Milano 2006 009
Milano 2006 007

Chaluay Cembolista

Mario Cembolista

Category: ADVANCED

1st classified:
"L'oro bianco del Sudafrica"
by Daniele Iop (I)
A cruise of one week all inclusive for one person to the Maldives

2nd classified:
"Shark sex"
by Cyril Tricot (F)
A stay of one week all inclusive for one person in Kenya

3rd classified:
"Cattivo fino al midollo"
by Leandro Blanco (E)
A stay of one week all inclusive for one person in  Sardinia (Italy)


Jury's Gran Prix:
"Bleu Collection"
by Denis Lagrange (F)
A ZEUS underwater video housing


Special Mention:
"Una stagione in riviera"
by Fabrizio Lazzari and Susanna Casadei (I)
A full face mask Neptune Space


Special Mention:
"Striped hunters"
by Ralf Kiefner (D)
A stay of one week all inclusive for one  person in Sicily (Italy)



1st classified:
"The white shark of Guadalupe Island"
by Andrea Ferrari (I)
A cruise of one week all inclusive  for one person to the Maldives

2nd classified:
"Seltene Begegnung
by Mario Cembolista (D)
A cruise of one week all  inclusive for one person to Saudi Arabia/Red Sea

3rd classified:
by Marco Palma (I)
A NEMO TITANIO dive computer


Special Mention:
by Sauro Scroglieri (I)
A DACOR Jacket

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